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Samson Andersson

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that there is a hunger for music inside every one of us.  As for myself, I have found my hunger to be quite eclectic.  I have vigorously studied classical piano, western harmony, reggae, calypso, soca, jazz, rock, pop, RnB, soul, sound synthesis and music production.   I believe that a student’s love for music should not be constricted to a single genre and I invite my students to explore with me the expanse of music as a whole. 


My passion for teaching derives from my own desire to learn.  As Plato wrote, music “is a more potent instrument than any other for education.”  Research has found that music students have on average, increased language development, higher IQs, better spatial-temporal skills, and improved test scores.  In addition to these advances, I also wish to awaken my students’ own unique musical voice and teach them the technical facility necessary for their expression to be heard.  While I will be teaching them all the skills they need to excel in music, my ultimate goal is to render myself unnecessary.  A professional, I am my own teacher.  I hope to launch my students into a lifetime of study and musical appreciation.


As for my teaching approach, I believe that lessons should be stimulating and enjoyable while emphasizing each student's self-expression.  Students should genuinely enjoy playing the piano.  By offering more than the traditional classical genre, students will develop practical skills such as playing by ear, improvisation, and composition/arranging.  While music’s purpose is to stir the emotions, the technique and intellect of my students must be nurtured as well.  I teach good technique; namely, strong, independent fingers, good posture, and appropriate arm weight.  As for my student’s minds, I integrate ear training, music theory and musical history/style to add perspective to a students playing. 


Contact for lessons in your home or in my Olde Towne East studio!

(513) 535 - 7286
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